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A Sound Strategy for Investing India In 2015

A Sound Strategy for Investing India In 2015

India better get ready for its close-up. Obama's high-profile visit is helping propel the conversation about investing in India.



It’s Third and Goal for Under Armour

A short-term bearish play on Under Armour makes sense now. I would use options.

McDonald’s CEO Out and Shares Jump

McDonald's CEO Don Thompson is out and investors hope his successor can make big changes.

Earnings Prove Boeing is a Long-Term Hold

Legacy aerospace Boeing continues its smooth-sailing ways, bolstered by a resurgent airline industry. Earnings are robust.

Growth Makes Starbucks a Premium Play

Stronger consumer spending means Starbucks is ringing up more lattes. It's still a premium stock with a lot to love.

Can Bill Gross Revive Janus Capital?

Bill Gross may have parted ways with PIMCO, but that doesn't mean he's no longer the bond king.

Facebook Earnings: Big Numbers Fail to Impress

Facebook produced hefty fourth-quarter earnings numbers, but the stock slumped as investors weighed other concerns about the company.

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