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Buy Microsoft Stock Now for a 6.4% Discount

Buy Microsoft Stock Now for a 6.4% Discount

Microsoft stock has a solid 2.7% dividend. But did you know you can make an additional 2.2% return on Microsoft simply by naming your own purchase price?



Wyatt Research Week in Review: July 26-Aug. 1

Just when it seemed like things were settling down slightly in China, the wheels fell off.

Facebook Falls Flat on Its Face

Without a problem to solve, there’s no real business model. So Facebook is basically a big advertising machine.

Don’t Hold Your Breath on a P&G Turnaround

Procter & Gamble's fiscal 2015 is now in the books, and the results were not pretty. Revenue declined 5%, and diluted GAAP earnings per share fell 21%.

UPS Earnings Report Masks Weaker Picture

UPS earnings for the second quarter were wobbly. Domestic revenue was up 1.59%, but international revenue declined badly, down 6.39%.

Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates in September?

A lot can happen over the next seven weeks. But there's a very real possibility that the Fed will finally raise interest rates at its September meeting.

Total SA Earnings Overcome Stiff Headwinds

Total SA earnings beat expectations in the second quarter despite a very tough operating environment in the oil and gas industry.

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Altria Lights Up Earnings Growth

As is frequently the case, Altria Group smoked consensus earnings estimates, with higher revenue leading to higher earnings growth.

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Square IPO Will Test Confidence in Billion Dollar Startups

The success of the Square IPO may depend on the continued success of digital payments competitor PayPal, which was spun off from eBay earlier this month.

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