Blue-Chip Stocks: Are You Missing These Extra Income Trades?

Good evening. I’m here with Andy Crowder to discuss an exciting, “back-to-basics” income event – focused on helping YOU collect MORE income from your portfolio of

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This morning I sat down and asked Andy to explain why RIGHT NOW is the best time for this income strategy.

IAN: Andy, thanks for answering some of these questions. I know we have many readers who WANT to earn more income every month. We know that conservative options income trades can be the solution.

However, many investors have been burned by bad options trades. Or maybe they want to make extra income, but they just don’t know what the first step should be, or even why this strategy might be appropriate. What can you tell someone who is ready to start (or start over) with options?

ANDY: Thanks for having this Q&A. These are the two big reasons to use my options income strategies, including Selling Puts and Selling Calls:

  1. Earn More Income. You can realistically collect up to 5% MORE income from your dividend stocks every month. That can easily help you double, triple – even quadruple or quintuple the total amount income you receive.
  2. Risk Management. Selling puts and calls (correctly) is SAFER than simply buying and selling stocks. That’s not just me talking my book, that’s a statistical fact born out over decades of options and stock data.

IAN: Why is that?

ANDY: Well, I don’t want to get into the weeds with the really technical mathematical reasons that selling options premium is statistically safer. But think about it this way: options are a form of insurance. Who makes money in the insurance world – people who buy insurance, or people who sell it? In all of my trades, we are the sellers, and like almost all insurers, we earn money the overwhelming majority of the time.

IAN: That sounds nice, but what does “overwhelming majority of the time” mean? What kind of results and track record do you have making these trades?

ANDY: So, I have a problem with touting these numbers. That’s because the entire practice of selling puts and calls is that – if done so correctly – it’s almost impossible to lose money doing it.

So, when I tell you that we’ve closed out 93% of my put and call selling trades as winners, it’s not to brag. It’s to point out that the statistical nature of this kind of options trade gives us a huge advantage.

On average, these options income trades have generated 3.6% in income with a holding period of about 30 days.

IAN: OK, so that’s going to sound impressive no matter what. Winning over 90% of your trades . . . it sounds almost impossible. Why doesn’t everyone simply sell puts and calls?

ANDY: That has more to do with human psychology. I’m not a psychologist, but we know most people let their greed overwhelm their logic. It’s the same reason people buy lottery tickets or go to the casino. They’re more enthralled with the idea of a big win than they are interested in looking at the likelihood of success.

So, long as human beings have a tendency to emotional, irrational decision-making, there will always be a market to which to sell puts and calls.

IAN: That sounds great. So, in this LIVE income event you’re going to focus on how to make these trades?

ANDY: Yes, I’ll be revealing four LIVE income trades, selling both puts and calls. We’ll be making some of these trades in a real-money brokerage account, so it’s important people attend live to get the most out of this opportunity.

IAN: Let me wrap this up because I want to save some of this info for our live event. But here are the basics:

  • Selling puts and calls provide steady income of up to 5% a month.
  • They’re statistically SAFER than buying and selling shares of stock.
  • And they benefit from the kinds of risky investors who want to shoot for the moon.

Am I missing anything?

ANDY: That’s an oversimplification, but it’s the core of the message, yes.

IAN: Thanks Andy. This was very helpful . . . I’m sure that hundreds of Market Traders Academy readers will be tuning into the live event.

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