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Articles by Andy Crowder

My Answer to Nobel Prize Winner’s Warning on the Stock Market

If you’re like most investors, you’re probably a little hesitant to plunk money down in this market. Is it worth the risk at these heightened levels? We’ve gained 195% over the past six years’ how much more can this bull market run? According to Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller, the market is not cheap. In [...]

How to Make the Best of an Assigned Stock

Getting assigned a stock you don’t necessarily want to own can be a scary thing for a nascent options trader. But it doesn’t have to be, says Andy Crowder. Here’s how to make the best of an assigned stock. Click here to learn about easy options strategies for generating income!

The New Bull Market

Learn how to make an extra 13% a month trading volatility in Andy Crowder’s most recent webinar. Learn how to gain steady gains of 10% to 15% every month trading options!

The Best Way to Invest Above the 49th Parallel

The hockey-loving, continent hog from directly above the U.S. has been quietly thriving for the last few decades. That’s right, Canada. As a Vermonter, I have the privilege of being border buddies with our brothers above. It gives me access to an array of beautiful cities and some of the most spectacular terrain the world [...]

Guard Your Portfolio Gains with the Protective Put

An Argentine default, ongoing geopolitical concerns and well, a market that has seen considerable gains without hesitation over the past five years has finally led to a short-term reprieve. Who knows if the decline will continue . . .  but you should be prepared just in case. Today I’ve decided to give you a glimpse [...]