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Articles by Andy Crowder

What is Historical Volatility?

In today’s post I’m going to discuss historical volatility. I’ll save implied volatility for tomorrow. I want to discuss both terms and their importance in two small, digestible chunks.

Another Trade Using Weekly Options

Ten days ago I presented a webinar focused entirely on my unique approach towards weekly options. The following is a very good example of how I use “Weeklies.”

Volatility Is the Next Bull Market

It was a strange October on Wall Street. Rarely has the market tumbled more than 6% and still finished in positive territory within the course of a month. That type of volatility can be scary to investors. As an options trader, that volatility is the next bull market. Click here to learn about easy options [...]

The Value of an Option

Options on stocks and ETFs are basically the same as a typical insurance policy on a home. After all, there is some percentage of chance that a stock will rise or fall dramatically.

Options Trade of the Week

As a special service to my readers, I will be offering you one interesting trade idea every few weeks…for educational purposes only and to throw some light on my process and strategies when trading options.

Common Options Trading Mistakes

Our videographer Finn Yarbrough has made some common options trading mistakes in recent days. Our resident options guru Andy Crowder explains what Finn did wrong. Click here to learn about easy options strategies for generating income!