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Articles by Tyler Laundon

This Household Name Is Up Sixfold and Climbing

At any given time, conservative growth investors will have a hard time finding a better stock to buy than 3M Co. (NYSE:MMM). It is a great technology company, and deserves a place in every growth investor’s portfolio.

The “Private Equity” Fund That Pays 8%

Smack in the middle of America’s richest county of Fairfield, Connecticut a select group of “private equity” managers are buying up cash generating companies and using the proceeds to pay investors more than 8% annually in dividends. That’s a very attractive yield, whether you’re an income or a growth investor. Especially since growth in this [...]

Look Before You Leap: How to Implement a Penny Stock Strategy

I know that most investors don’t buy true penny stocks very often. And to be clear, I’m not talking about $5.00 stocks, but rather those that trade for around a dollar or less – true penny stocks. And when they do, most investors buy penny stocks hoping that the stock will rise by hundreds or [...]

An Easy Way To Get The Details On A New IPO

This is my third article in a series on IPO investing. The goal of these articles is to arm you with a few basic tools to wade into new IPO space…and alert you to a few pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid. Don’t be completely turned off by the potential pitfalls to investing in a [...]

Put Your “Best Effort” Into IPO Investing

We’re talking about IPO investing again today to add to the list of tips published in Monday’s issue of Daily Profit. IPO investing is a risky game that requires a special type of due diligence. Remember that when you get involved in IPOs you’re putting your chips on the table with some of the biggest [...]

Beware Excessive Cash-Outs When IPO Investing

It is never a good idea to invest on hunches, rumors and hot tips. Similarly, it’s too risky to go all-in on stocks that just gained listing via an IPO without first doing your homework. Blindly buying hot IPOs could put a big dent in your investment portfolio. No matter how hot the idea may [...]

Earnings Results Drive These 2 Small Caps 10% Higher

This has been one of the best earnings seasons in three years. In fact, if we exclude the financial sector, earnings growth hasn’t been this high since the third quarter of 2011. According to data from FactSet though last Friday, the blended earnings growth rate excluding financial is an impressive 8.5%. As always, I’ve been [...]