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Articles by Chris Preston

Invest in the Future of the Drone Business

The Year is 2016… Broken O Ranch, Augusta, Montana: Billionaire Stanley Kroenke owns a 124,000-acre property that produces 700,000 bushels of grain every year and has 4,500 cows. To keep tabs on his vast property – the largest farm in Montana – Kroenke’s employees have just started using drones to take photos, monitor crops, and track [...]

Devaluing Market Valuation

With stocks technically “overbought,” market valuation is getting plenty of attention on Wall Street these days. But how much does valuation truly matter? Not as much as you might think. Click here to learn about the safest income opportunities during this unique time in history of low yields and skyrocketing stock prices.

Why the Wave of New IPOs Could Be Bad News for Investors

Spark Energy (Nasdaq: SPKE) was a fitting name for yesterday’s lone initial public offering. The natural gas and electricity retailer’s debut may have “sparked” the biggest week for new IPOs since August 2000. Twenty-seven other companies have lined up to price their IPOs in the coming days, according to the web site Renaissance Capital. If [...]

Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: July 20-27

A relatively dull mid-summer week on Wall Street gave us time to delve deeply into some macro market issues dominating the market landscape these days. Our analysts explored big-picture issues such as what to do when (if?) interest rates finally rise; how much we should care that stocks are technically “overvalued” at the moment; and [...]

How Much Does Valuation Matter in this Market?

Stocks are overvalued. You can’t go a full day without reading or hearing that. Even our new Federal Reserve chief, Janet Yellen, said it last week, singling out biotechs and social media stocks as being particularly overvalued. She was merely echoing what numerous Wall Street analysts and CNBC talking heads have been saying for the [...]

Did Janet Yellen Short Tech Stocks?

Janet Yellen called biotechs and social media stocks “overvalued” last week. Since then, both sectors have plummeted. Did the Fed chief just short tech stocks? Click here to learn about the safest income opportunities during this unique time in history of low yields and skyrocketing stock prices.

Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: July 13-19

Janet Yellen created a mini firestorm on Wall Street this week. The newly appointed Federal Reserve chair called biotechs and social media stocks “overvalued” in her monthly monetary policy report. Both sectors were spooked. The iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB) ETF fell 5% in the days that followed the Fed chief’s comments. The Global X Social [...]

Five Bold Stock Market Predictions For 2014: Revisited

It’s easy to make bold predictions about the stock market. It’s not so easy to get those predictions right. The stock market is never predictable. Anyone who tells you they know what’s going to happen is lying. Knowing that it’s a fool’s game trying to forecast what will happen next on Wall Street, I nevertheless [...]

Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: 7/6-7/12

Is a correction coming? It sure seemed like it this week. Stocks tumbled roughly 0.7%, the first pullback of that magnitude in over a month. That’s certainly no reason for investors to panic. A 0.7% pullback isn’t much when stocks entered the week near all-time highs. But the tone on Wall Street seemed to change [...]

Has the Long-Feared Market Correction Arrived?

Stocks have risen for so long that it’s almost puzzling when they fall for any period longer than a couple trading sessions. And that’s what made the last few days somewhat shocking. The S&P 500 has declined 1.1% (so far) this week, the largest pullback in nearly two months. Though a 1.1% pullback isn’t true [...]


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