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Articles by Stephen Mauzy

Rising Interest Rates Won’t Hurt Housing

If you think that the rise in interest rates could derail the housing market, think again. Home prices are of course a crucial piece of the puzzle for the U.S. economic recovery. That’s because declines in the housing market reduce household wealth, and crush the growing “wealth affect.” 

The 4 Most Important Gold Indicators

I'm convinced most people fail to buy and sell gold intelligently. I say that because most people are unclear on what influences the gold price.

Today, the haze will be cleared.

A Short List of Unpublished Dividends

Ever collect a 22% special dividend? If you’re looking for dividends, there’s one group of companies that will NEVER appear on any screen or list – and you’ll miss out on the biggest dividends in the market. 

The Truth Behind the Taper

What’s the real effect of the Fed’s proposed “taper?” I'm sure you noticed the hard sell in stocks that started a couple of weeks ago. In just two days, most of the major stock-market barometers were down 2.5% to 3%. 

Double Your Income on the World’s Best Dividend Stocks

Too good to be true? Hardly, because I know firsthand of investors doubling their income on long-standing High Yield Wealth dividend growers McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD), Altria (NYSE: MO), and AT&T (NYSE: T). The difference is these investors aren’t waiting for these blue-chips companies to grow the dividend, which these companies do faithfully each year. Instead, [...]

A Contractually Obligated Dividend

If you're willing to venture a little out of your traditional income investor "comfort zone," you can achieve something that sounds impossible. You can lower your risk, diversify your income, AND still collect healthy yields of over 7% a year.

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