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Articles by Stephen Mauzy

One REIT You Should Buy

Few quotes are more insightful, yet few quotes are more ignored. I continually see investors lose money reaching for yield.  

The Greatest Contrarian Investor

I'm a patient investor and I want reliable streams of income. My goal is to build wealth over time. I'm also a contrarian. When everyone is running from the fire, I generally run toward it. One investor best fits my temperament and philosophy: Carl Icahn.

McDonald’s Dividend Yields 6.3%

Every Daily Profit reader knows that I'm a huge fan of dividend growth. I think it’s the best strategy for building wealth and collecting income along the way. 

Las Vegas Housing Market is On the Rise

Few real estate bubbles swelled larger, and none burst louder, than Las Vegas. During the boom years – 1998 through 2006 – Las Vegas residential real estate prices increased 150%. That’s a 12% average annual gain, well ahead of the norm. 

How to Value Stocks

Earlier this month, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 both hit new all-time highs. Many investors are thrilled to see their portfolio value growing month after month. But are the new highs a cause for celebration or concern?

Income and Prosperity Offer

Income & Prosperity is designed to help you seek out the safest income opportunities and discover an entire world of dividend investments. This free newsletter has a laser-like focus on one issue and one issue only: how can investors near or in retirement generate more income. Each day, you'll receive our best investment idea - skewed towards safe income - but also including lesser known opportunities to grow your wealth while keeping it out of harm's way.
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