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Articles by Ian Wyatt

This Healthcare REIT Just Gave My Readers 130% Profits

Today I’m going to share one of my favorite past issues of Income & Prosperity. It’s a personal story about one of my favorite income investments: real estate. If you’re interested in earning healthy cash by investing in properties or REITs, I think you’ll enjoy this story. Sometimes the best lessons come from the investment [...]

Carl Icahn Wants to Send You a 5.9% Dividend Check

Thanks to the existing securities laws, most of the best professional investors are off limits to individual investors. Only the super wealthy can access top investment managers like George Soros, David Tepper, and Ray Dalio. That’s because their hedge funds only accept “accredited investors” who have a liquid net worth of at least $1 million.  [...]

The Secret to Beating High-Frequency Traders

Every investor is a victim of the fraud known as high frequency trading. But when bestselling author Michael Lewis speaks about the “legalized front-running” of orders on the market, he isn’t talking about every single order. Front-running every order may be possible, but it wouldn’t be lucrative. Instead, high-frequency traders make most of their money [...]

Is the Stock Market Rigged?

The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission was on Capitol Hill last week to calm the outrage over a new financial scam. “The markets are not rigged,” said SEC Commission Chair Mary Jo White. She went on to assure the House Financial Services Committee that “The U.S. markets are the strongest and most reliable [...]

Will You Miss the Biggest IPO of 2014?

Last night, one of the biggest Internet companies in the world filed for its Initial Public Offering. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably never heard of the company. This isn’t your typical Internet startup. It wasn’t launched in Silicon Valley. And its investors aren’t well known venture capitalists. Instead, it’s the dominant Chinese e-commerce [...]

How a $1.95 Trillion Fund Manager is Stopping High Frequency Trading

The debate over transparent markets has existed since the onset of computer-based exchanges.  Last month the conversation reared its ugly head again with the recent release of Michael Lewis’s book, Flash Boy: A Wall Street Revolt. And this time Wall Street plans to do something about it. Lewis articulately argues that the U.S. stock market [...]

How High Frequency Traders Know The News Before You

Today I’m going to share a some shocking information about another tactic that’s being used by Wall Street’s high frequency traders. And I’ll explain how an outdated SEC rule actually makes this predatory trading tactic completely legal. High frequency traders already have a technological advantage that lets them beat us to the market to place [...]

Are You Protected From Predatory Trading on Wall Street?

You probably don’t even realize it. But with every investment you make, you’re being scammed. It’s sad, scary and true… Every time you put more money into your 401k…buy a stock…or invest in a mutual fund or ETF…you’re paying a hidden extra fee. But you won’t find this fee disclosed by your broker or financial [...]

This Man is the Face of High Frequency Trading

When Michael Lewis released Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, he exposed a scam that most investors had never heard about: high frequency trading. It’s a fraud that costs investors more than $20 billion per year. Every investor loses money due to high-frequency trading. Whether you’re an active trader, long-term investor, or simply own mutual [...]

What Are Dark Pools? The Heart of High Frequency Trading

“The hidden passages and trapdoors that riddled the exchanges enabled a handful of players to exploit everyone else.” - Michael Lewis, Flash Boys High frequency trading has dominated the financial media for the last month, thanks to Michael Lewis’ latest bestselling book titled Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. While high frequency trading may be [...]


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