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Articles by Ian Wyatt

Income Inequality: Is This CEO Worth $37,692 Per Hour?

America’s highest paid CEO took home $78.4 million last year. That translates into $1.5 million per week. That CEO is Larry Ellison of Oracle (NYSE: ORCL). And his 2013 compensation – including cash and stock options – equaled $37,692 per hour. To put this in context, Ellison earns nearly the same amount in one hour […]

Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: April 7-13

Investor optimism came crashing down as the major stock market indices pulled back.  For the week, the S&P 500 dropped 2.4% while the Nasdaq shed 2.7%. With earnings season kicking off, and the markets falling, there was much news to digest. In today’s issue of the Wyatt Research Week-in-Review, we present the best ideas from our […]

Why You Should Avoid the Best Dividend Stock of 2014

The quest for stocks that offer both capital gains and income is downright appealing. And the best-performing dividend stock of 2014 has been delivering on both fronts. I know that most income investors prefer the safety and security of investing in blue-chip dividend stocks. So I focused my search to S&P 500 stocks with a […]

Discover 4 Stocks with 545% Profit Potential

For the last week, Daily Profit readers have been following our March Madness stock competition. We started with 16 impressive stocks in eight of the fastest growing sectors. Since last Monday, we’ve pitted those stocks against each other in a fierce competition. And we’ve now whittled the field down to a Final Four. With just […]

Which of These 16 Growth Stocks is the Next Netflix?

Yesterday, I told you about our March Madness stock tournament: The Road to the Next Netflix. In my real-money portfolio, I’ve already captured gains of 471% in Netflix. My team and I are searching for a company that we believe could be the next Netflix…one that we think will deliver impressive profits to early investors. […]

March Madness Stock Picks: The Road to the Next Netflix

The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament kicked off last week. Sixty-eight teams are facing off as they march toward the championship on April 7. Here at Wyatt Investment Research, we’re embracing March Madness, and creating our own tournament. But unlike the NCAA, this competition doesn’t have anything to do with sports. Instead, we’re holding a […]

Top Hotel REIT Just Raised Its Dividend 44%

The owner of some of America’s most ritzy hotels did something unusual last Friday. It announced a huge 44% increase in its dividend. The company is Pebblebook Hotel Trust (NYSE: PEB). This type of dividend increase is great news for investors. In fact, many hotel stocks like Hilton (NYSE: HLT) and Hyatt (HYSE: H) don’t […]

Why Berkshire Owns $2.5 Billion of DVA Stock

Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) has been betting big on the healthcare sector by investing in just one stock. Historically, Berkshire Chairman Warren Buffett hasn’t made many investments in the healthcare sector. In fact, none of Berkshire’s biggest holdings include healthcare companies. But investment manager Ted Weschler, who joined Berkshire as an investment manager in 2011, […]

Top 5 Dividend Growth Stocks Set to Surge

A select group of stocks have consistently beaten the market for the last century. Known as “dividend growers,” these are companies that consistently raise their dividend payment every year. Consider some of the best-performing stocks over the last 30 years, including Altria (NYSE: MO), ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) and McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD). They all share the […]

Warren Buffett’s New Shareholder Letter: What You Need to Know

Early Saturday morning, the world’s best investor released the most widely read shareholder letter. I woke up before the kids and headed into my home office with a cup of coffee to read the latest dispatch from Warren Buffett. The Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) chairman has been writing these lengthy shareholder letters since 1965 when […]