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Articles by Ian Wyatt

Inauguration Week Starts Now

The inauguration of Donald Trump this week brings with it big changes for the economy and your portfolio. To help to you prepare, I'm here is your invitation to my Profit Roadmap for 2017 presentation.

16.5% Dividend Alert

My colleague - Steve Mauzy - and I embarked on a mission to uncover the world's biggest dividends. Our research analyzed 4,218 of the biggest payouts from 1992 - 2015. And we uncovered some startling facts. Right now could be the very BEST time to get started with these income trades...

The Donald Trump Dividend Boom of 2017

Right now, U.S. companies have $2.6 trillion in overseas cash. This cash is outside of the U.S., in offshore tax heavens spanning the world in countries from the Cayman Islands to Ireland. If Trump works with Congress to create a corporate tax holiday, we'd expect to see up to $1.2 trillion of offshore cash come back into the U.S. The vast majority of this cash could be returned to shareholders in special dividends.

How to Trade the Dogs of the Dow in 2017

With a simple twist on the Dogs of the Dow stock trading strategy, learn how to multiply your income using a simple trade. Plus: Get the exclusive Dividend Calendar for 2017.

Income and Prosperity Offer

Income & Prosperity is designed to help you seek out the safest income opportunities and discover an entire world of dividend investments. This free newsletter has a laser-like focus on one issue and one issue only: how can investors near or in retirement generate more income. Each day, you'll receive our best investment idea - skewed towards safe income - but also including lesser known opportunities to grow your wealth while keeping it out of harm's way.
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