Earnings Warning

Yesterday’s huge move took
the S&P 500 above 1,105 to close right at 1,115. TradeMaster Daily Stock Alerts
Jason Cimpl told his readers he’s bullish going into next week. And yesterday’s
close at 1,115 will keep him from selling his latest round of upside trades.

That’s good news for TradeMaster
readers, because one stock they bought on Friday made a 50% move in
just two days. Jason’s bullish stance suggests there are more gains ahead for
this little beauty.

Jason is looking for a move
above the next resistance of 1,120 sometime in the next few days.


The stock market rally that started on February 5th, 2010 appears to be absolutely unstoppable. Bullet-proof. However you want to say it, there seems to be very little downside to stock prices, even after a strong rally.   


Now, we are not surprised. I’ve been relentlessly bullish here in Daily Profit. Sure, I may point out some discrepancies once in a while, maybe even shoot a few holes in the financial media’s neat and tidy explanations, but I’ve had us focused on upside targets for a year now, and there’s one main reason: earnings.   


This time last year, it was brutally obvious that analysts were seriously underestimating the earnings potential for bank stocks, even after the government changed the accounting rules to encourage profitability.   


And in subsequent months, analysts continued to lowball earnings estimates. Companies kept beating them, and the market kept rallying.