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How to Trade Gold Right Now

Even if you aren't a "gold bug," there is a valuable place for gold and precious metals in your portfolio. Learn which gold ETFs are the best ones.

4 Commodity ETFs for the Long Term Investor

Commodity ETFs have a place in every portfolio, just not a big place. Of all the investments in the market, the one area that tends to generate the most controversy is commodities.  Some long-term portfolio managers insist that the cyclical nature of commodities, along with their high volatility, suggest they have no place in your [...]

How to Reap Extra Income from Silver

It’s catching on…even among professional investors. Last Wednesday, I received an email from a retired Certified Financial Planner with 23 years of experience from the trusted Midwest firm of Waddell & Reed. The inquisitive gentleman has been successfully using covered calls for years and has decided to integrate selling puts into his overall income strategy [...]

Income and Prosperity Offer

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