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Get Ready for Rising Interest Rates With These 3 Stocks

Rates remain at historical lows, but this won’t last forever. Fed Chair Janet Yellen has noted that rising interest rates will depend on two key factors, inflation and unemployment. Well, unemployment is at the lowest level we’ve seen since 2008. Inflation is at the highest level in over a year and a half. Every day we appear to [...]

The Future Is Here: Investing in Robotics

One of the most well-known robots in history, Star Wars’ C-3PO, could fluently speak over 6 million languages. To be sure, he set a high standard, one that likely gave other robots of his age an insecurity complex. But in all seriousness, C-3PO helped popularize the notion of using robotics in everyday life. And that [...]

Five Bold Stock Market Predictions For 2014: Revisited

It’s easy to make bold predictions about the stock market. It’s not so easy to get those predictions right. The stock market is never predictable. Anyone who tells you they know what’s going to happen is lying. Knowing that it’s a fool’s game trying to forecast what will happen next on Wall Street, I nevertheless [...]

Consider the Subscription Business For The Long Haul

Imagine that you started a business. In your business you build a product once. And you sell that same exact product a hundred, thousand or million times. Regardless of how many times you sell it, the cost to build it remains the same. This is how a subscription-based business works. Sure, it’s a bit of [...]

Act Now On Nuclear Energy

Time heals all wounds. Nuclear energy is back in vogue less than four years since the Fukushima power-plant disaster. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has loosened the country’s post-tsunami stance against nuclear energy, saying he would be open to having new nuclear reactors built. The Japanese government had previously vowed to shut down the country’s 50 [...]

Top 3 Stocks for Activist Investing

Activist investing has been brought front-and-center on Wall Street, thanks to its poster boy, Carl Icahn. The billionaire investor has been practicing shareholder activism since the 70s, when it was known under  a less friendly term, corporate raiding. Activist investing hit a new high earlier this year when Icahn took on one of the biggest [...]

This Subscription Business Is Paying Off In 2014

I love companies and business models with safe revenue streams. When these companies also achieve extremely reliable growth year in and year out, I’m usually on board. One of the best business models for achieving this security is a subscription business. Companies with thousands of regular subscribers enjoy very reliable cash flows from a wide customer [...]

Has the Long-Feared Market Correction Arrived?

Stocks have risen for so long that it’s almost puzzling when they fall for any period longer than a couple trading sessions. And that’s what made the last few days somewhat shocking. The S&P 500 has declined 1.1% (so far) this week, the largest pullback in nearly two months. Though a 1.1% pullback isn’t true [...]

The Only Investing Strategy That Works Is The One You Stick To

The only investing strategy that works is the one that you stick to. It sounds overly simple I know…find an investment strategy you believe in and stick with it. However, most investors fail to take this simple approach. And it costs them. Instead, most retail investors constantly seek out the latest and greatest investment strategy [...]

Get Ready For The Next Biotech Boom

There is no doubt that generic drug makers will thrive in the upcoming cost-driven environment of U.S. health-care reform. Generic drugs already make up 70% of prescription sales in the U.S., but that percentage will undoubtedly increase when health care reform begins to roll out. The government will place significant cost pressures on pharmaceutical companies [...]


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