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Use This One Indicator To Measure Investment Risk

The market is still a tad jumpy here in April as investors come to terms with the fact that valuations remain a little stretched and earnings season enters full swing. Small cap and growth stocks are finally showing their true nature again – bouncing around far more than the broad market. This type of action […]

Concrete Stocks: A Solid Way To Play the Construction Rebound

If you would like a little more exposure to the U.S. construction market before the busy season hits this summer, you may want to consider investing in concrete stocks. This is a very basic way to gain exposure to residential and commercial construction. Mix together some aggregate (gravel or crushed rock), sand, Portland cement … […]

Revealed: The Worst Tech Stocks and Best Bargains

Tech stocks are crashing. Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) have plunged around 40% in a collapse that began in December. The fall of these high flying social media stocks is even more dramatic as they were two of the best performing stocks of 2013. Last year, Facebook doubled in price and Twitter almost tripled in […]

Top 5 International Dividend Stocks

Investors have been dumping tech stocks over the past few weeks. The NASDAQ Composite has continued its fall this week. It is now down over 6% for the month. But while growth stocks are quickly falling, investors are still hungry for yield. The average dividend yield for the S&P 500 is less than 2% and […]

Is There a Deeper Stock Market Correction Ahead?

Small-cap stocks have had a rough few weeks. In fact, the decline has been so sharp that for the first time in seventeen months the Russell 2000 touched its 200-day moving average. The 200-day is an important level because a breach of the line oftentimes signals a long-term trend change. It’s certainly worth keeping a […]

Income Inequality: Is This CEO Worth $37,692 Per Hour?

America’s highest paid CEO took home $78.4 million last year. That translates into $1.5 million per week. That CEO is Larry Ellison of Oracle (NYSE: ORCL). And his 2013 compensation – including cash and stock options – equaled $37,692 per hour. To put this in context, Ellison earns nearly the same amount in one hour […]

Find The Right Stocks In A Volatile Market

As this market gets increasingly volatile it’s important to revisit your long-term investing strategy to make sure that you don’t waver. As I wrote last week, and as we’ve all known, a market correction wouldn’t be a surprise. And in fact, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. If you look back in time you’ll […]

Why A Market Correction Should Not Be Feared

As we head into yet another earnings season many investors are acutely aware that the market looks a tad expensive. That reality has hit home over the past two weeks as many of the leading growth stocks in the market have rolled over.  This is especially true with high-profile Internet and tech stocks that led […]

The Best Stop-Loss Strategy for Your Long-Term Portfolio

Where should I set a stop-loss, if at all? I just never know when to sell. It’s one of the most frequent questions I receive from our readers here at Wyatt Investment Research. In fact, it’s a question that my fellow employees have been inquiring about lately. Once a month we meet as a company […]

Top 10 Upcoming IPOs For 2014

First it was the Facebook (NYSE: FB) IPO debacle. And now the poor showing by Candy Crush Saga parent King Digital Entertainment (NASDAQ: KING). After such flops, investors may well be a bit fearful of investing in upcoming IPOs. However, that might be a mistake because we just came off the best year for IPOs […]