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Ian Wyatt

Ian WyattIan Wyatt has been actively investing in stocks for the last 20 years.  He turned that passion into a multi-million dollar Internet business when he founded Wyatt Investment Research in 2001. Ian’s goal is to help investors beat the market by finding great investments that are attractively priced.

Ian knows that wealthy investors tend to invest differently. They don’t make ridiculous, high risk, high reward bets. They don’t feel the need to buy and sell frequently. Instead, they protect their wealth by investing for income and buying stocks when they are cheap. When they do speculate, they do so intelligently, without letting emotion enter into the equation.

Ian is an aggressive investor who focuses on finding value. He invests in businesses with sustainable and large cash flows ONLY at the right price. He never overpays for an investment, and loves finding companies that are led by executives whose interests are aligned with shareholders.

Ian believes that the best person to manage your money is YOU. Armed with the ideas from the Wyatt Investment Research team of advisers, you can beat the market and best manage your investment objectives.

In February of 2009 – just one month before the historic low for the stock market – Ian launched the $100k Portfolio service with $100,000 of his personal savings.  Ian has been bullish on America’s economic recovery every since, and has grown his portfolio to $309,000 in less than five years. In the last year, Ian’s portfolio is up 33% – nearly 10 points better than the S&P 500.

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Andy CrowderAndy Crowder

Advisor Andy Crowder is our options guru at Wyatt Investment Research. Andy started his investing career at Oppenheimer & Co. on Wall Street, he learned the tricks used by professional traders to consistently earn profits. Today, he teaches those strategies to active investors who want to earn a piece of the vast amount of wealth being created in the financial markets.

Andy is a numbers guy… a quant. Earnings, valuations, CNBC interviews, and the Fed has no influence on his trading. In fact, Andy trades with no emotion whatsoever. Even when news and events send the market up or down, Andy only makes a move if the numbers look good.

In other words, he trades outside of the herd, not with or against them. He waits for opportunities to come to him and if the upside and probability of success are there, he takes it. He realizes that the market is not some efficient, unbeatable machine – but rather a dynamic mix of emotion-driven participants who under extreme circumstances tend to act in very predictable ways.

Andy understands that markets go up – but they also go down and sideways, and there’s money to be made no matter which way the wind blows. Using the same strategies of Wall Street traders, Andy aims to make money in any type of market.

In his High Yield Trader service, Andy is showing investors how to consistently double or triple their dividends.  Since the service began six months ago, Andy has managed to double the dividend in half of the stocks within the portfolio.  In fact, he has managed to triple, quadruple and even quintuple the dividend in several situations.

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Chris Preston

Advisor Chris Preston is business journalist at Wyatt Investment Research.  Chris’ reporting experience means that he asks the tough questions in order to discover the truth.

Chris doesn’t report news or react to market events, he cuts through it — and views everything through the lens of what does this mean for your investments in the coming weeks, months and years.

Chris knows that he could earn 7 – 9% a year by investing in index funds. So if a stock or investment doesn’t have a chance at matching or beating the market’s return, then it isn’t worth his time. Chris only invests in stocks with upside of 25% within the next two years. He forgoes growth for safety and when in doubt always sides with the historical long-term view of the market.

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Tyler Laundon

Advisor Tyler Laundon has a unique background that includes being a small business owner, getting his MBA from a top university, and working as a venture capitalist at a business incubator.  Since 2009, he’s been helping Wyatt Investment Research subscribers earn profits by investing in small companies and select growth opportunities.

Tyler believes you’re not investing in a stock; you’re taking an ownership stake in a business. He approaches all his investments as if he’s analyzing a private business investment. He strips away all hype and stock metrics and digs into what’s happening on the assembly line. There’s no guessing or speculating on Tyler’s part.

His investment theses are built on a foundation of thorough research… research that 90% of the professionals on Wall Street never do. This allows him to get invested early, well before companies make headlines. Exhaustive research based on facts, obtained from trusted sources is the ONLY reason you should buy or sell an investment.

This research-intensive approach to overlooked companies has led to big wins.  Over the past two years, his subscribers to 100% Letter have had huge gains including Africa Oil (+420%), Allot Communications (+185%), Endeavour Silver (+190%) and Susser Holdings (+125%).

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Steve Mauzy

Advisor Steve Mauzy is the income-investing specialist at Wyatt Invesment Research.  He’s a Certified Financial Advisor Charterholder (CFA) who only buys income investments.  Steve regularly reminds us, “income investing IS investing.  Everything else is speculation.”

It’s become ‘vogue’ to focus on dividend paying stocks, but for the last 15 years he’s been telling people to buy blue chip dividend payers, and to hold them forever. His core belief is that if you’re not getting paid from your investments, than you’re just speculating.

Steve has built a high yield portfolio of dividend growers, blue chip dividend stocks, and tax-advantaged income investments including MLPs, REITs, and BDCs.  His model portfolio is currently providing investors with an average yield of 7.5% – far superior to the 2% yield from U.S. Treasuries or the S&P 500 companies.

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