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VIDEO: The End of the Stock Market

Is the end of the stock market nigh? Not exactly. But the old way of trading stocks is dying out. Andy Crowder says it's time to leave the "buy-and-hold" mentality to the mutual funds and mega-corps that benefit from it -- and start trading options.

My Contrarian Bones, II

On Friday, I addressed my obsession with bank stocks. I get plenty of mail regarding this topic, and yes, some of you wonder if my banks stock obsession may be a little unhealthy.

The answer, yes, it

Investor Sentiment is Awful

The stock market failed to build on the rally from Friday. The S&P 500 fell below support at 1,050 yesterday.

Right now, sentiment is just awful across the board. And we're heading into what's traditionally the worst two months of the year for stocks: September and October.

Volume in the stock market has been extremely light. This suggests that individual investors are not buying stocks. And we can see that in mutual fund flows. In July, bond funds attracted $25 billion dollars. And investors pulled $12 billion out of U.S. equity funds.

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