Guy Gottfried: Canada’s Top Undiscovered Investor

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How a Problem Led to a 120% Return

I like problems because problems set up an investment for exceptional returns. Problems weigh on the share price, thus offering a lower cost basis and the opportunity to benefit… Read more

The Rich Investor’s Secret to Buying Low

Eight months ago, investors had essentially written off Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). Now the stock is up 239% — the latest evidence of why it pays to buy a good… Read more

Three Unexpected Q1 Market Developments

Market analysts think they can predict everything. But here were three Q1 occurrences that few people saw coming.

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How I Made 284% Gains Using a Simple Strategy

A few weeks ago, I told you how subscribers to my real-money $100k Portfolio earned an impressive 130% profit in Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX). Now I'm here to tell… Read more

How I Profited 130% with this Game-Changing Technology Stock

A select group of Wyatt Investment Research subscribers have just booked real profits of 130% by investing in this unique technology stock.

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