Where does the market go from here?

Are stocks overbought? Or is this a secular bull market that’s destined to keep shattering records?

With gold near multi-year lows, is it time to load up on the yellow metal? Or is the U.S. dollar a better bet?

Where else should you invest? Ireland? Japan? China?

At the 52nd annual Contrary Opinion Forum, the answer to all of those questions was “yes” – depending on who was speaking. I attended the contrarian investment conference, a Vermont institution, this week. Not surprisingly given the nature of the conference, opinions varied greatly.

Some of the contrarian investors liked the dollar. Others liked gold. Some said avoid U.S. stocks. Others said large caps have plenty of room still to run. Some liked Japan and China as bounceback candidates. Others like Ireland and India.

In essence, the forum was a microcosm for how split investors are about where to put their money right now. With U.S. stocks still in the midst of a furious bull rally, investors – contrarian or otherwise – are divided about what to do.

If some of the most respected investors in the world can’t agree on much, that means there’s no wrong answer for how you want to invest your money. How should you spend your money right now? You’re as qualified as anyone to make that judgment.

As my colleague Tyler Laundon wrote this week, the best way to invest is to keep things simple and to stick with your strategy. If you succumb to the daily whims of the market – especially with all the geopolitical headwinds swirling right now – that’s when you could find yourself in trouble.

Sage advice, Tyler. Here are some other strong opinions – again, contrarian or otherwise – offered up by our team of analysts at Wyatt Investment Research this week.

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Thanks for spending time with us this week. We look forward to helping you get ever closer to your investment goals next week.

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