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Transforming the Energy Patch

The energy patch isn’t drying up, but its dividends are. You can still lock in a solid income with my Overnight Trader s

Just Ahead: Stocks Will Be ‘Fat and Flat’

Analysts are predicting stocks are essentially going to stall out in the coming months. Sure, they’ll swing, but they wo

Pandemics and Politics: Drug Companies Under Pressure

Drug companies have long been a favorite for dividend investors. But as President Trump’s reelection campaign heats up,

Bank Dividends in Danger as Pandemic Rolls On

Last week, I wrote that big bank dividends looked to be in danger. I hate that I was right. I can show you how to replace

Three Signs Your Dividend’s in Trouble

Dividends are generally seen as safe, mostly because the retribution is swift when they’re cut. Dividend cuts – and even

Financial Sector, Big Banks Deliver Dividends

While most people would consider 2019 to have been a year of growth and appreciation – the S&P 500 rose nearly 30% with

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Some investors are their own worst enemies. Not because they’re necessarily bad at investing, or they don’t WANT to ma

Ray Dalio: The Next Crash Is Coming

An investment legend is warning that the next bear market is just around the corner. He correctly called the last global f

Trump Appoints 5G Security Czar

The Wall Street Journal reports that eight U.S. Senators just issued a warning: 5G is a huge national security concern.

Claim Your Earnings Season Bonus Like A CEO

You know what I hate? CEOs complaining about their jobs. Especially when they make $300k+ in bonuses – based on earnings