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As the markets have changed over the years, income investing has too. It’s not as easy to reap big dividends without inv

Buffett’s Coca-Cola Habit: Becoming a Little Less Sweet?

Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), the iconic American brand, is falling victim to the trade wars. That’s bad news for Warren Buffett

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How China’s Cancelling Your Dividends

As the U.S.-China trade war drags on, iconic American companies are feeling the pinch. As earnings fall, dividends will li

AARP: How Much You Really Need in Retirement Savings

Are you on track to have $1.5 million in savings? BEFORE you retire? According to the AARP, you need a nest egg of $1.5

Ouch! Avoid the 67% Income Cut

Back in the 1980s, folks used to live off their dividend income. But as yields have fallen, that’s gotten to be nearly i

Your Portfolio Can Go Up Even If Stocks Go Down

Despite the faith a lot of folks have in the wisdom of crowds, the crowd isn’t always right. Andy Crowder has developed

Beat the IRS At Its Own Game

Financial security is worth a lot. A guessing game with the IRS would throw that into jeopardy. Thanks to Steve’s div