Andy Crowder

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Andy Crowder has been investing in stocks and options for over 15 years. A graduate of the University of Oregon and Northern Arizona University, Andrew’s work experience includes working for the medical division of W.L. Gore and Associates in Flagstaff, AZ, Oppenheimer & Co. in New York City and more recently working as a professional options trader, research analyst and financial columnist for a prominent stock options newsletter and advisory service

Euro-Banks Worry Fed and Investors

The reprieve from Euro-news was short-lived. News that the Fed has been meeting with the executives at U.S. branches of Euro

The Rise of the Machines (MSFT, NOG)

For the second time in a week, we had a "margin call" day. That's what I've started to call those days where the

Top 5 Best Performing Small Cap Stocks

Last week the market extended its losses for the fifth straight week. That is the longest weekly losing streak s

Preparing for the End-Game of Gold and the Dollar (GS)

Tom Cullis here. Kevin McElroy is taking some time off to be with his wife and their new baby boy. He'll be back

Free Gold Part 2: When Governments Attack (GS)

As I wrote yesterday, my wife and I just had our first son. While I'm out of the office for a sh

Finding Opportunity

During the depths of the financial crisis, Warren Buffett plunked down $5 billion dollars on Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS). It̵