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Continuation Patterns, Part II: Rectangle and Cup-and-Handle Patterns

In our first article on continuation patterns, we covered flags, pennants and triangles. Today, we round out our look at the

Options Trading Made Easy: Short Strap Strangle

The short strap strangle is a mirror image of the strap strangle, with all the options being sold rather than bought. How

Options Trading Made Easy: Strap Strangle

A regular strangle is a direction-neutral strategy that may be appropriate for a trader who has no idea which way the underly

Trader’s Toolkit: Continuation Patterns

As I’ve mentioned many times, our efforts to succeed using technical analysis are predicated on a proper recognition of the

Options Trading Made Easy: Short Strip Strangle

The short strip strangle is a neutral strategy employed when a trader has expectations of low volatility and a slightly bulli

Trader’s Toolkit: Stock Reversals, Part II

After discussing at length the head-and-shoulders and double- and triple-top (and bottom) reversal patterns, we turn now to t

Options Trading Made Easy: Strip Strangle

A strip strangle, like a traditional strangle, is a neutral trade employed when a trader is expecting a big move in the under

Trader’s Toolkit: Chart Patterns and Reversals

The most difficult aspect of technical analysis, and the part that must be mastered in order to be a successful trader, is co

Options Trading Made Easy: Reverse Covered Strangle

A reverse covered strangle is a neutral strategy employed by traders who are already short a stock they suspect has neared it

Options Trading Made Easy: Covered Strangle

A covered strangle is a neutral strategy that’s traded when little volatility is expected before options expiry. The trade