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Under Armour Vs. Nike: Which Athletic Stock is No. 1?

When it comes to the sports apparel business, two companies are dominant players. The big gorilla is of course Nike (NYSE: N

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Would you like to get a hold of some dividend stocks that yield more than 4%, have safe, rock-solid businesses and trade at a

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Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) is already a legendary growth story. The premium coffee shop has grown its business mightily since i

China’s Slowing Economic Growth

China recently reported its economic growth has slowed down. Global equity markets took a quick look, digested the news, then

The Best Retail Stock for Cheap Oil

With all the dire headlines about the falling price of oil, it’s important to remember cheap oil brings with it some good n

Does the Ford Dividend Increase Make the Stock a Buy?

Ford Motor (NYSE: F) recently raised its dividend by a surprising 20%. The dividend increase came as Ford delivered a mixed

Is Revamped Wendy’s Appetizing for Investors?

Fast food restaurant company Wendy’s (NYSE: WEN) has a checkered history. In its lifetime it has remade itself several time

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Want to earn safe income but enough yield to make a difference? Try these four stocks with 4% dividend yields. As the 10-Y

Four Ways to Find Value in a High-Priced Market

With the S&P 500 trading at nearly 20 times earnings, it’s a challenging time for investors to find value in the market

GE Stock Continues Its Post-Recession Rebuild

General Electric (NYSE: GE) recently raised its dividend. Although the dividend increase was only 5%, from 22 cents to 23 cen