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Jonathan Yates is a financial journalist who has authored thousands of articles that have appeared in Newsweek, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, and Wyatt Investment Research, among others. Much of his career was spent on Capitol Hill, where he was granted "Top Secret" clearance in accordance with his duties. He has degrees from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the Georgetown University Law Center.

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When a currency is falling, investors should start looking for blue chip bargains from that country. That is why Warren Bu

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When adverse market conditions set in, foreign stocks will generally suffer more than U.S. stocks. Stocks based in the

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In a liquidity-driven bull market, the producer of the capital flows dictates the action for the investment community.

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This Blue Chip is an Alluring Bargain Right Now

The Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW) is much like Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) in its appeal to savvy, long-term investors. Bot

Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Swiss Franc

Like a LeBron James dunk at the end of a fast break, the Swiss National Bank was making a point when it lifted the cap on its

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For long-term investors, BP PLC (NYSE: BP) is still very attractive. Anyone concerned about BP's ability to withstand

Why Warren Buffett Loves Small Cap Dividend Stocks

One of the big advantages of investing in small cap stocks is that they’re overlooked. That can create an opportunity for i