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Kevin McElroy is a top rated commodity researcher and analyst specialist at Wyatt Investment Research, with a targeted focus on short and long term investment opportunities.   He has worked in the investment publishing field for over three years alongside some of the world's leading commodity traders and analysts.  He takes the complex futures and options trading strategies from the floors of the Nymex and the CBOT, uniquely combines them with economic trends and positions his recommendations in a way that any investor, from a straight long-term buy and hold investor to a sophisticated day trader can easily understand, implement, and profit.     Kevin constantly finds unique ways to profit from the "real stuff" like oil, gold, iron, corn – the energy, money, goods and food that the world constantly needs more of. Kevin is the daily editor to <em>Resource Prospector.</em>

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One last thing from The Resource Prospector

I started writing this letter when I started working here at Wyatt Investment Research just about 3 years ago to the day.

Are You Forgetting Something?

Tomorrow is the last day of The Resource Prospector. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the price of nearly