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Xerox Spinoff Rewinds the Clock

After activist investor Carl Icahn made a massive investment in Xerox late last year, there was an expectation he would shake

IPO Watch: The Top 5 Companies Likely to Go Public in 2016

Last year was slow year for IPOs, with many top tech companies choosing to postpone an initial public offering in favor of s

Michael Burry Is Investing in Water (And You Should Too)

"The Big Short," Adam McKay's Oscar-nominated film about the financial crisis of 2008, is almost painful to watch, resurrect

Will the IPO Market Heat Up in 2016?

The IPO market in 2015 was cold, to say the least. Startups chose to stay private longer, opting for private fundraising roun

YouTube Red: Netflix’s Biggest Threat

  Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), the leader in the video-streaming industry, more than doubled in stock price 2015, soaring

Amazon’s Next Victim

Sales are decreasing in retail stores. Dramatically. The weekend before Christmas, sales fell 6.7% at brick-and-mortar s

US or European Equities: Which Wins in 2016?

Last week, the Federal Reserve ended its nearly decade-long era of keeping interest rates near zero. The week prior to th

Is This the End for Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO?

Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) shareholders have had little reason to cheer in recent years. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took her position

SecondMarket Acquisition Sparks Questions for Startup Market

Technology startup valuations are soaring as companies choose to stay private longer. Companies like SecondMarket address the

Should You Swipe Right on the Match Group IPO?

Once upon a time, lonely people created creepy Craigslist ads and personals in the hopes of finding love. Now a wide-range of