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Stephen Mauzy is a CFA charter holder, equity analyst, and financial and economics writer with over 25 years of investing experience. Steve is consultant and contributing editor for the High Yield Wealth newsletter published by Wyatt Investment Research. Steve is a recognized investment voice: He has provided commentary on CNBC, and his work has appeared in Wealth Manager, CFA Magazine, Institutional Investor News, Barron's, Institutional, Investor News, Registered Rep., and other publications. Steve's curriculum vitae includes a stint as editor-in-chief for two financial trade magazines. He also served as editor for a Forbes-recognized financial Web site. Steve's forte is income investing and value investing. Like many value investors, he is a practitioner of the quantitative principles espoused by legendary value investor Ben Graham. But Steve has added his own twist based on the precept that business world is divided into two types of companies: ones that have trouble and ones that are going to have trouble. Steve favors the former (as long as they continue to pay dividends), because value is often found in uncertain and troublesome situations.

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