Inflation And Interest Rates

The bears’ futile attempts to take stock prices
lower have been good sport to watch. The first level of support on the
S&P 500 is 1,280. The S&P 500 has closed above that level every
day since January 12. That’s 8 straight days.

Even last week, when it looked like a correction
was looming — after stocks sold-off on the good news from Apple
IBM (NYSE:IBM) — the S&P 500 fell all the way to 1,271. But it didn’t
close there.

Gold Surprise: Yellow Metal Reaches New ALL TIME High Closing Price of $1,422

As the ratings agency Moody’s reviewed the credit ratings of Greece, Spain
and Ireland over the past month, investors have moved out of risky European
debt, and into gold. This was followed by today’s membership admission of
the euro zone’s newest member, Estonia, as the 17th member of the club and
a country which as traditionally had it’s own bouts of debt crises and
deficit reduction challenges.

According to metals trader Matthew Zeman of LaSalle Futures Group out of
Chicago, “All commodities are going to benefit from the fear of future
inflation, and investors will continue to pile into hard assets.” Gold
appreciated in price by 29.7% in 2010.

IMF Completes Sale of $19 Billion Worth of Gold

Yesterday, the
International Monetary Fund quietly announced that it had completed the
sale of over 400 metric tonnes of gold to Central Banks and other giant

Thought it’s one of the biggest single sales of gold in world history, it
was largely ignored in the mainstream press.

Most remarkably, this record gold sale has had little effect on the price
of gold futures.

Gold Breaks $1,400 on Jobs Numbers, China, and Europe

The strong gold bull market of 2010 resumed today with gold rising above

The spot price for gold was $1,413 as of 4:00 p.m. eastern time. Gold hit
all time highs in November then backed off as the dollar gained strength
primarily due to weakness in the euro. Today gold retraced back to over
$1,400 on labor department numbers showing anemic job creation and the
revelation of China’s gold import numbers.

The Labor department announced employers added only 39,000 jobs in
November, far below analyst expectations and the strong gains of 172,000 in
October. The overall unemployment number crept closer to 10% as it rose to
9.8% after months of holding at 9.6%.

Gold and other commodities priced in dollars have a tendency to rise in
value when the U.S. dollar falls relative to other currencies. Many
investors also consider it a

Gold Not at Record High

While most of the mainstream media readily announces new “highs” for the
price of gold, The New York Times just published an article
denouncing such statements.

From the story: “The actual record was set 30 years ago, when the price
of gold, in today’s dollars, hit $2,387, or 71 percent higher than it
closed on Tuesday.”

It’s important to remember that gold’s price has much further to run
before it matches inflation adjusted highs set in 1980.

Is This the Dip to Buy?

It’s Veteran’s Day, I’m taking a moment to recognize
the sacrifice and dedication of our military.

The bond markets are closed today, so we’re losing
an important catalyst for the stock market. Without the running gauge for
the U.S. dollar, traders will have to depend on recent news to drive the
action today. And that may not be a good thing…

Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO) is down huge after its
earnings report last night. The company beat earnings by a couple
pennies, but offered guidance that was well below expectations.

Gold Soars to $1,400 as World Bank President Debates a Return to Gold Standard

Yesterday, the President of
the World Bank, Robert Zoellick discussed the idea of using gold as a
“reference point of market expectations about inflation, deflation and
future currency values.”

He went on to say, “Although textbooks may view gold as the old money,
markets are using gold as an alternative monetary asset today.”

Mr. Zoellick’s comments were timed in advance to a meeting later this
week of the G20 nations in South Korea.