Is There a Correction Coming?

Bloomberg is reports that holiday retail sales
jumped 5.5%, the biggest gain in 5 years. Macy’s (NYSE:M) and Abercrombie
& Fitch (NYSE:
ANF) were among the big winners, but it seems as though all the
upside has already been had in the retail stocks. My favorite, Kohl’s
KSS), has
done anything since its mid-November jump.

It should be clear from the retail sales numbers
that Americans have gotten more comfortable with the
U.S. economic recovery. While we
certainly can’t say the economy is hitting on all cylinders, it has
stabilized and growth forecasts are on the rise.

$50 Silver?

A story by Robert Lenzner in Forbes Magazine today outlined the potential
for silver to go as high as $50 an ounce in the near future.

With silver on the march from year to date lows of just over $15 an ounce
all the way up to recent highs of over $30 an ounce, it’s been one of the
best performing asset classes of the past year – and even the past

The Market Feels Heavy

The good vibes from the GM IPO and the bailout
potential for
Ireland took the S&P 500 back above support/resistance at 1,192.
We’ll see how long the good vibes last.

Despite yesterday’s strong move, the stock market
still feels “heavy” to me. That’s not to say I think a big decline is
imminent. But the way higher is going to be a slow grind, unless we get
some data to sway the mood.

Is This the Dip to Buy?

It’s Veteran’s Day, I’m taking a moment to recognize
the sacrifice and dedication of our military.

The bond markets are closed today, so we’re losing
an important catalyst for the stock market. Without the running gauge for
the U.S. dollar, traders will have to depend on recent news to drive the
action today. And that may not be a good thing…

Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO) is down huge after its
earnings report last night. The company beat earnings by a couple
pennies, but offered guidance that was well below expectations.

More and More Investors Turning to An investment That’s Gained Two Time More Than Silver This Year

While most investors were looking for ways to benefit from silver’s meteoric
31% rise so far this year, another group of commodities have stolen the

That’s according to a headline article in The Wall Street Journal this
morning, the “Farm Belt Bounces Back.”

The headline refers to a huge year-over-year gain across the board in
agriculture prices.