Kevin McElroy is Leaving the Country

Don’t panic – I’m not expatriating just yet.

Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada ConferenceI’m headed to the world’s largest and most important mining conference – the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Conference. It’s held in Toronto every year.

As you may recall, I attended the conference last year as well. So… why Canada?

Canada is home to most of the world’s publicly traded junior mining companies. That’s because Canada has a very mining-friendly government – otherwise you might expect New York or Chicago to be the hub for miners instead of Vancouver and Toronto.

That’s besides the issue. For now, if you want to get first hand, face-to-face interaction with publicly traded mining companies, you have to go to Toronto.

All of these junior companies want one thing: investor interest.

They hold this conference in March because that’s typically the slowest time of the year for mining developments – especially in the Northern hemisphere. It’s tough to mine when the ground is frozen – and it’s tricky to get equipment into spots where there aren’t paved roads during this time of year.

So while drill rigs stand idle and trucks sit parked under mounds of snow, mining company execs and engineers come to Toronto in March to try to garner interest.

And it’s an exciting time – because EVERY single one of these companies has a story to tell. Most of them are baloney, but that’s why I go to the conference – to sort the baloney from the literal gold.

If you’re a precious metals investor, you’ll want to be sure to open my emails next week. I’ll be writing live from the conference and I’ll definitely have some interesting details to share on the company officials I meet with.

And if you have any recommendations for what to do in Toronto for dinner or drinks – please drop me a line at [email protected].

Have a great weekend,

Kevin McElroy
Resource Prospector PRO

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