#1 Risk to the AI Revolution

America is running out of electricity.

That’s the latest warning from utilities including NextEra Energy, Southern Co., and Dominion Energy.

Artificial Intelligence and new data centers are demanding huge amounts of energy.

That’s why Jeff Bezos, Sam Altman and Warren Buffett are investing billions in The Oppenheimer Project.

This tech breakthrough is the critical fuel for the AI revolution.

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Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Meta are building huge data centers with chips from Nvidia.

These data centers require huge amounts of electricity. And it’s expected to double within the next 6-years.


Big tech companies are desperate for energy.

CEOs at major energy companies warn of a coming crisis.

“This is a different urgency coming. They’re showing up now at the utility and they’re banging on the door and they’re saying I need to put this resource on the grid,” explained an executive at NextEra Energy.

The Southern Co. is a major utility in Georgia. And they provide energy to some of the biggest data centers in the state.

“[The Oppenheimer Project] has got to be a big part of [the energy] mix. Energy security brings national security, also brings about and supports economic security,” explains Southern Co’s CEO.

Silicon Valley insiders see the coming crisis.

Without cheap and abundant energy – the AI revolution will die.

That’s why these insiders are quietly investing billions to dramatically increase energy around the world.

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