Shocking $25 Trillion Tesla Prediction [photo]

THIS little-known Tesla project…

Could create a $25 TRILLION company.

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It’s NOT an electric vehicle…

Tesla's Optimus robot is learning to navigate, sense and pick things up

This is Tesla’s Optimus Robot.

“My prediction is that Tesla’s long-term value will be Optimus,” Elon explained at Tesla’s annual meeting.

Tesla plans to have +1,000 of these AI robots working in its factories next year. And that’s just the start…

Elon predicts that every household could own an Optimus Robot.

This will transform the world – Elon says it’ll make Tesla more valuable than NVIDIA.

It’s all part of…

Elon Musk’s Master Plan 4.0: Robo AI Project

This will transform Tesla. And spark a wave of innovation…

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