Tesla’s NEW Hiring Spree

*Tesla Will Sell Its Long-Awaited Cybertruck Next Year, Elon Musk Says – nytimes.com*

While many companies are firing staff left and right…

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) seems to be starting a new hiring spree – specifically for Cybertruck production at Gigafactory Texas.

This falls perfectly in line with Musk’s NEW plans for global domination.

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It’s been quite a while since Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck.

But it has been pushing back the production date several times.

The latest delay was back in June, when it was confirmed that production would start in mid-2023.

And while many Tesla fans are rightfully skeptical about this claim…

It seems that now the promise is more than words.

The automaker has several job listings aimed at recruiting several workers specifically for the Cybertruck.

Frankly, the Cybertruck rollout could be an important part of Musk’s new plans for Tesla.

But here’s why the latter is the best profit opportunity I’ve discovered this year.

Elon Musk is days away from releasing his Secret Master Plan 3.0.

A plan that will reveal how Tesla will produce 20 million EVs per year…

And how it plans to expand battery production by 3,000%.

Master Plans 1 & 2—both released several years ago—proved to be DEADLY ACCURATE in the predicting the future of EVs…

… while giving investors the chance to see up to 24,000% gains.

And based on my research…

With Master Plan 3, Tesla is taking 100% control of its supply chains and taking dramatic steps to secure its dominance in the EV race.

It is rushing to secure access to limited battery metals.

That’s because there’s a huge shortage of lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite.

And you simply cannot make EV batteries without these metals.

Several tiny stocks are preparing to sign agreements with Tesla.

And these stocks could see shares surge on the next major news announcement.

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