Ian Wyatt

Ian Wyatt has been actively investing in stocks for the last 25 years.  He turned that passion into a multi-million-dollar Internet business when he founded Wyatt Investment Research in 2001. Ian’s goal is to help investors beat the market by finding great investments that are attractively priced.

Ian knows that wealthy investors tend to invest differently. They don’t make ridiculous, high risk, high reward bets. They don’t feel the need to buy and sell frequently. Instead, they protect their wealth by investing for income and buying stocks when they are cheap. When they do speculate, they do so intelligently, without letting emotion enter into the equation.

Ian is a long-term investor who focuses on finding value. He invests in businesses with sustainable and large cash flows ONLY at the right price. He never overpays for an investment, and loves finding companies that are led by executives whose interests are aligned with shareholders.

Ian believes that the best person to manage your money is YOU. Armed with the ideas from the Wyatt Investment Research team of advisers, you can beat the market and best manage your investment objectives.

In February of 2009 – just one month before the historic low for the stock market – Ian launched his Million Dollar Portfolio with $100,000 of his personal savings. His goal has been simple: to grow that investment into one-million dollars.

As the Chief Investment Strategist, Ian works closely with his team of research analysts and editors to find outstanding investments and share unique strategies with his clients.