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Wyatt Investment Research provides investment research that is independent of the back door deals and machinations of Wall Street. Our analysts are paid only to find, research, and report on the very best investment opportunities for individual investors, not brokerage houses and institutional funds.

Because good investors have a diversity of investments in their portfolio, Wyatt Investment Research offers a variety of investment research publications that can be used jointly or independently.

Daily Profit


Wyatt Investment Research publishes Daily Profit to help our readers succeed in the investment world by providing safe, actionable investment research. Our research is guided by a simple principle: avoid risk and focus on buying assets at a discount.

In the pages of Daily Profit, our mission is to make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest (and safest) trends in the market – and you do miss out on the biggest dangers to your wealth.

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 The Strike Price


The Strike Price is your leading resource for insight into the world of options trading.

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In each issue of The Strike Price, Wyatt Investment Research’s chief options analyst Andy Crowder will guide you through the best options strategies, reinforcing the risk/reward profiles that each strategy carries.

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 Dividend Alerts

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Income & Prosperity 


Our commitment to earning generous returns with conservative investments is why we believe the perfect complement to the Daily Profit is our newest free newsletter, Income & Prosperity.

Income & Prosperity has a laser-like focus on one issue and one issue only: how can investors near or in retirement generate more income. Every stock recommendation, piece of research and analysis in Income & Prosperity is dedicated to helping investors increasing their income or adding new income streams.

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