Bernanke to Congress: Reduce the Deficit!

As stocks traded mostly sideways today, Federal Reserve Chairman
Ben Bernanke paid a visit to Congress to address the House Budget
Committee. In a surprising turn from what’s been the hallmark of
his reign as the head of the Fed, Bernanke seemed legitimately
concerned about sovereign debt issues here in the United

He said, “To avoid sharp, disruptive shifts in spending programs
and tax policies in the future, and to retain the confidence of the
public and the markets, we should be planning now how we will meet
these looming budgetary challenges.”

Strong words for a Fed Chief who has been responsible for the
largest money supply increase in the history of the U.S.

Between 2007 and 2010, Bernanke created at least an additional $2
trillion in dollars in order to bail out his banker buddies, and
since his is an appointed position to a quasi-private group of
banks, no American citizens can ever vote him out…ever.

So to hear him tell the Congress to cut the deficit is a bit like
an arsonist telling firemen to extinguish fires.  

At this point, with the country’s politicians either too ignorant
or too complicit to lift a finger in defense of America’s currency,
or American citizens, there are very few avenues of recourse for

The only logical alternative to swallowing Bernanke’s tripe is to
trade in your dollars for investments that will benefit from the
demise of the dollar.  

This action accomplishes two things:

1)    It removes those dollars out of harm’s
2)    It lets you profit as Bernanke and friends
raid its worth for every penny.  

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