The Cheapest Marijuana Stock

Are you missing out on the biggest bull market of 2017?
The North American Marijuana Index is up 46% in the last six months. And it’s doubled in the last year.
In Canada, cannabis stocks are doing even better. In the last year, the Canadian Marijuana Index is up 283%.
Huge gains in a short time can scare folks off. But that’d be a huge mistake . . . because one marijuana stock remains completely overlooked and dirt-cheap.
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ALL Marijuana Stocks Surge . . . Except This One

A rising tide lifts all boats. A bull market sends all stocks higher. And the same is true for marijuana stocks.
With the Marijuana Index doubling in the last year, even the WORST stocks are up 50% or more.
After those types of gains, it’s hard to find a good value in publicly traded stocks. That’s why my recent research has focused on private companies that are preparing to go public.
It’s really the public markets that are sending cannabis stocks higher. On the private markets, there are still a few decent values.
I’ve recently uncovered one of these unique situations. And this presentation will reveal everything.

How to Value a Cannabis Stock

Right now, the most attractive situation is Canadian cannabis producers. That’s because marijuana will be 100% legal in Canada in 2018. And the industry is expected to grow at 30% per year.
What’s the best way to value a company in this sector?
My favorite metric for valuing marijuana growers is based upon what I call “Market Cap / Funded Capacity.”
This is simply a measure of a company’s market value versus production capacity. Put another way, how much is the market valuing each kilogram of future annual cannabis production?
Here’s a table that shows my analysis.

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Right now, the values are pretty high. And those high valuations reflect bright growth prospects.
You’ll notice that the cheapest cannabis stock is called “Weed IPO.”
That’s because this select company is DIFFERENT from the others.
All the others are currently trading. Yet the “Weed IPO” is still private. Its shares have not yet hit the market.
Most companies in the business of growing marijuana have already gone public. And their stocks have already surged.
Take a look at a couple of charts as proof.
Here is the biggest: Canopy Growth (WEED), with a $1.5 billion market cap:
The No. 2 producer in Canada, Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF), looks quite similar. And I could show you another 10 charts with a similar trend.
My point is simple: public Canadian cannabis stocks have posted huge gains.
My research shows that these stocks could rise in the next year . . . but a far better situation exists in shares of private companies.
In fact, the next major IPO is happening in a few short days.
150 early investors will have a chance to get invested at the ground floor price of $0.80 per share . . . BEFORE the cannabis stock starts trading.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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