Vanguard, Fidelity and American Funds Buying Pot Stocks

On June 1, Vanguard announced that it had finally made its first “pot stock” investments.pot stock investments
Vanguard – the second-largest mutual fund company with $962 billion in assets – is BUYING into the sector.
Wall Street is jumping into these pot stock investments – especially U.S. listed majors like Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) and Aphria (OTC BB: APHQF).
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Vanguard began buying stock in Canopy Growth, Aphria, and Aurora Cannabis (OTC BB: ACBFF) in the first quarter of the year.
The total investment of $47 million gives Vanguard a 0.4% equity stake in the three stocks.
Securities laws require mutual funds to disclose their holdings every quarter – or four-times per year.
Yet the fund companies have 60 days – AFTER the quarter – to file those reports. That means Vanguard didn’t have to disclose these pot stock investments until June 1.
Here’s why this is important…
Vanguard was the ONLY fund to disclose ownership during the first quarter of 2018.
Now, Vanguard is a big player. The firm has nearly $1 TRILLION in assets under management across its mutual funds and ETFs. The company was founded by Jack Bogle – one of the most respected investors in the world.
Vanguard is watched closely by other fund managers.
They ALL know that Vanguard has started buying these “pot stocks.”
So, what’s going through the heads of investment managers at Fidelity Investments ($984 billion in assets), American Funds ($965 billion in assets) and Franklin Templeton ($377 billion in assets)?
They’re probably saying, “If Vanguard is buying cannabis stocks, we should be buying them too.
Now, we won’t know for certain about these pot stock investments until the end of August. That’s when all these funds are legally required to disclose their stock holdings.
But I’d bet we’ll see two important things in the SEC filings:
1) Vanguard dramatically increases the size of its investments – to over $100 million.
2) Fidelity, American Funds and Franklin Templeton disclose cannabis stocks in their portfolios.
I can already envision the headlines…

“Top 5 Mutual Funds Buying Marijuana Stocks”

CNBC will bring on the execs at Canopy Growth and Aphria to discuss the new “love” from Wall Street . . .
And The Wall Street Journal will begin giving real coverage to America’s biggest growth sector.
By the time the news gets out, I’d expect these stocks are trading considerably higher. And I’m not talking about a 5% to 10% gain.
I’m looking for gains of 30% to 50% for the biggest players. And a select group of undiscovered players could double or triple in price.
Right now, we’re entering phase 1 of this new bull market. And it’s your chance to get rich from 100% legal “pot stocks.”
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