#1 Stock for Apple’s 1.5 Million Self Driving EVs

Apple is rushing to tie the knot for the Apple Car.

The company is desperate to launch the Apple Car. It needs a partner to build the new self-driving electric car.

One secret supplier is the KEY to these autonomous EVs. And this private company plans to launch an IPO next week on March 12.

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Apple Car

So, who will build the Apple Car?

Analysts at Stanford Bernstein say it should be BMW (OTC: BMWYY).

“BMW would be the ideal partner for Apple. Both companies have a leading innovation claim, superior brand equity and design and are excellent in global manufacturing and value chain management,” explained the firm’s analysts.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited BMW’s headquarters five years ago. At the time, the companies were collaborating on vehicle connectivity.

Everyone continues to speculate on WHO will build the Apple Car. BMW? Hyundai? Volkswagen? Frankly, it doesn’t really matter.

Apple’s manufacturing partner may bask in the headlines. However, providing outsourced manufacturing to Apple will be a low-margin business. Just look at Foxconn’s razor-thin profit margins making iPhones and iPads.

Instead, I’m far more interested in what will be inside the Apple Car.

That’s why my research is zeroing in on a new and secret EV supplier.

Apple is 100% committed to making an autonomous “self-driving” car from day #1.

The company plans to skip the whole “driver assisted” approach. And instead, it will simply go directly for 100% autonomous.

This means the Apple car will be loaded up with these lidar sensors. These sensors identify objects including other vehicles, traffic lights and signs, people, buildings and everything else.

Two former Apple engineers used to work at the Cupertino headquarters. These leaders were focused on lidar sensors that Apple was developing internally.

This new EV lidar stock is currently private – for another seven days.

The ex-Apple engineers are doing an IPO on March 12.

The private company is valued at less than $2 billion today! And Wall Street insiders are investing over $550 million in this Pre-IPO.

Note: a similar EV lidar stock jumped 378% after its IPO. And this stock could see similar gains in the next few weeks.

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