Coronavirus Crushes China’s 5G Rollout

The coronavirus death toll now stands at 910 . . .

5G stocks

With over 40,655 infected.

And the growing health crisis may derail China’s plans to roll out 5G wireless.

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5G is a top priority for China.

The country wants to show that it can develop innovative technologies – WITHOUT simply stealing intellectual property.

Huawei is China’s leading telecom equipment company.

The company has been the No. 1 target for President Trump. He’s already signed an executive order banning Huawei from supplying 5G technologies in the U.S. Plus, Trump has pressured other countries to block the company from supplying network technologies.

Despite Trump’s efforts . . .

Huawei continue to grow and win contracts around the world. And the company is a key supplier to China’s own new fifth-generation wireless network.

China turned on its 5G network ahead of schedule in November.

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Yet the outbreak of the coronavirus may slow China’s 5G rollout.

Right now, Huawei continues to operate factories across China. This is despite government warnings that encourage companies to close factories and halt production.

Given the 5G priority, China’s government is allowing tech companies to continue operating.

Yet the installation of the 5G network in China is slowing down.

That’s because new 5G equipment must be installed throughout cities across China. And the 5G network requires tons of base stations that are installed on light poles and the sides of buildings.

Meanwhile, smartphone sales in China could drop significantly.

One well-known analyst says that China’s smartphone sales could drop 50% in the first quarter.

The bottom line is that coronavirus is a health crisis. And it’s going to have a widespread negative impact.

China will feel the brunt of the economic pain.

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