Airbnb Reveals IPO Price and Date

Airbnb filed for a CONFIDENTIAL IPO in August. And today we’re getting more details on the secret Airbnb IPO plans.

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Here’s the new Airbnb IPO news . . .

Airbnb (private) plans to go public on the NASDAQ.

The Airbnb IPO deal is the biggest Nasdaq IPO since Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) in 2012.

The Nasdaq tends to be the favorite exchange for tech stocks. And we’ve seen recent tech IPOs including Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) and Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) go public here.

Airbnb plans to raise $3 billion from investors in the Airbnb IPO transaction. That would make this the third-largest IPO in Nasdaq history. Only Facebook ($16 billion) and Mondelez ($8.7 billion) completed bigger deals.

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What’s Airbnb Really WORTH?

You’re probably wondering what Airbnb is actually worth.

Back in April, Airbnb was in dire straits. The pandemic significantly disrupted the company’s core business renting homes and apartments in cities.

Airbnb rushed to slash expenses and raised $2 billion in debt financing.

That financing was completed at a $18 billion valuation.

However, Airbnb’s business has bounced back from the spring lows. People began planning local vacations and renting houses closer to home. And Airbnb’s business rebounded.

The latest data suggests that an Airbnb IPO is valued at around $22 billion on private Pre-IPO market (click here for details).

It’s rumored that Airbnb will seek an initial public offering with a $25 billion to $30 billion valuation.

Airbnb recently split its private Pre-IPO stock 2-for-1. That reduced the share price to $34.88 on the private market. The move will make the stock more attractive to regular investors who have smaller accounts.

Shares are expected to go public in December.

The company has selected Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as its investment bankers. And that means these firms will ONLY make Airbnb IPO shares available to clients with at least $10 million accounts.

Unfortunately, that means regular investors will be forced to BUY share in the public market. And they’ll likely pay a huge premium to the Airbnb IPO price.

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