Apple’s New 5G Lineup Revealed

Apple 5G

Apple is one of the most secretive companies. Yet new leaks from Silicon Valley show the company’s robust lineup of brand-new Apple 5G products.

These new Apple 5G devices will enable hyper-fast wireless for Americans starting in October.

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Everyone knows that Apple makes a big deal with new products. And company is notorious for its HUGE launch events.

Apple goes to great lengths to keep new products 100% confidential. That includes non-disclosure agreements with suppliers . . . and strict employment agreements.

Yet the company can’t keep everything under wraps . . .

With 137,000 employees – someone is bound to release new product details.

Right now, we’re starting to get some credible leaks from Cupertino, California. And this inside information from Apple employees gives us a sneak peek at the newest Apple 5G products.

The newest Apple 5G products are coming out in October. And they’ll spark mass adoption among consumers in late 2020 and early 2021.

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So, here’s what we’re expecting from Apple . . .

5G iPhone: 4 New Models Starting at $649

One Apple leaker says sources tell him that the Apple 5G iPhone will start at $649.

All four iPhone 12 models will be configured with 5G. Pricing for the top models will remain consistent with prices for current high-end models.

  • 5.4-inch OLED iPhone with 5G and a 2-camera system – $649
  • 6.1-inch OLED iPhone with 5G and a 2-camera system – $749
  • 6.1-inch OLED iPhone Pro with 5G and a 3-camera system to include LiDAR – $999
  • 6.7-inch OLED iPhone Pro Max with 5G and a 3-camera system to include LiDAR – $1,099

Lowering the price of the entry level phone to just $649 will help Apple compete with lower-priced Android smartphones.

5G iPad – Price Unknown

In March, Apple surprised consumers with the release of a refreshed iPad.

A report from China Times suggests that the new iPad chips are going into production. And that means the new iPads could be released as soon as October – alongside the new iPhones.

The next iPad will also be 5G-enabled. Details on pricing remain unknown.

BRAND NEW: Apple Glasses with 5G

Apple’s preparing to launch a brand-new product called Apple Glasses. And the product could be the biggest breakthrough since the iWatch.

Apple Glasses will pair with the iPhone and iWatch. It’s Apple’s first entrance into the world of augmented reality – also known as simply AR.

These are normal prescription glasses with an interface inside the lens.

The new Apple Glasses will be 5G-enabled. And they’ll work with the new 5G iPhones that are coming out in October.

The 5G Gold Rush Starts Now

Today is your chance to jump onboard the biggest technology breakthrough since the Internet. Early investors stand to earn a tidy fortune – just like they did from 1G . . . 2G . . . 3G . . . and 4G.

One tiny company could be a secret supplier for Apple’s new 5G products. And shares could explode as 5G goes mainstream.

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