It’s 44 Times Bigger Than Apple’s Dividend

This week Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) reported earnings…

Sending the stock surging to an all-time high of $327 per share!

Yet income investors may be disappointed. Because Apple maintained its $0.77 per share quarterly dividend. And the Apple dividend yield is less than 1%.

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Inside Apple’s Earnings Report

Let’s take a look at the numbers for the quarter ending Dec. 31 . . .

After reporting declining sales in 2019 – Apple reported record sales of $91 billion. That marked a 9% increase.

Even more important, earnings per share jumped 19%.

Apple shareholders have continually been rewarded as the company returns cash.

During the last three months, Apple returned $23.5 billion of cash to shareholders. This was done primarily through $20 billion of share repurchases and $3.5 billion in Apple dividends.

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Sales of the new iPhone 11 were responsible for the strong results. The newer iPhone is viewed as the start of an upgrade cycle for the company’s smartphone users.

Meanwhile, new iPhones with 5G in late 2020 are expected to send the company’s sales higher again this year.

Wall Street analysts current predict that Apple sales will grow 10% and EPS will jump 17% in 2020.

These results help justify the stock’s magnificent rise over the last year. Shares of Apple have jumped 95% in the last 12-months.


Everyone who has owned Apple stock over the last year is thrilled. And it’s hard to complain about a stock where you doubled your money.

Yet the company is sitting on over $107 billion of cash. And that means a much bigger Apple dividend could easily be paid.

Apple could pay out a quarterly dividend of 6% – 7% simply by eliminating its share repurchase program.

However, that’s unlikely to happen. Because share buybacks reduce the number of shares. And that helps increase the all-important quarterly earnings per share.

Apple is a great company. And it’s a major position in my personal investment portfolio.

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