Major Tesla News Sends These Battery Stocks Soaring

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Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) plans to sell +750,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in 2021.

By 2030, the company expects to produce 30 million EVs. Yet shortages of one battery metal could derail Tesla’s ambitious goals.

That’s why CEO Elon Musk is taking dynastic steps to secure this critical battery metal.

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Tesla Motors hosted its Battery Day last September. And the biggest news was . . .

Tesla Getting into the Mining Business – Buys 10,000 Acres in Nevada

One Tesla executive explained . . .

“We’re going to go and start building our own facility in North America, leveraging all the resources that exist for nickel and lithium.”

Lithium is the critical battery metal that Tesla requires.

Tesla’s on a mission to reduce carbon emissions. And that means sourcing lithium near its battery Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada.

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Tesla is clearly focused on developing lithium and other battery metal assets in the U.S. And the company doesn’t want to be exclusively dependent upon mines in South America or China.

That’s why the company is also partnering with U.S. companies.

In late September, Tesla announced a deal with Piedmont Lithium (NYSE: PLL).

Piedmont will provide Tesla with lithium starting next year. And the five-year agreement means that Tesla will source lithium from the company’s properties in North Carolina.

That news sent Piedmont shares soaring 236% in a few short days!

Plus, Tesla is rumored to be looking at other acquisitions in the lithium sector. One Nevada stock called . . .

Cypress Development saw shares surge 426% in less than 90 days – on rumors of a deal with Tesla.

The bottom line is that Tesla needs more raw materials to hit its ambitious EV production goals. And that means buying up land . . . securing mineral rights . . . and even acquiring battery metal mining stocks.

One new company just secured over 1,500 acres of land in Nevada. And it could be sitting on a monster lithium discovery.

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