REVEALED: List of Billionaire Pre-IPOs

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One undiscovered cloud computing stock just made big news . . .

Two billionaires are investing $500 million, securing a huge stake in the upcoming IPO.

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Most folks have never heard of Snowflake (private). Yet the venture capital-based cloud company is the latest hot IPO. This cloud computing stock starts trading next week.

It’s attracting $250 million from Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) billionaire Marc Benioff. That investment makes tons of sense – since Salesforce is a cloud computing powerhouse.

More unusual is that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) is also putting in $250 million into this cloud computing stock.

Buffett usually avoids IPOs. In fact, Ford (NYSE: F) was the last IPO that Buffett purchased. That was in 1956 – when Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the White House.

Snowflake is scheduled to launch its IPO on Sept. 16.

Shares will price between $75 – $85. And the company plans to raise at least $2.7 billion in the IPO.

Snowflake expects to go public with a valuation of around $24 billion. There’s huge demand for this IPO. And the share price of the cloud computing stock will have nearly doubled since the February Pre-IPO financing.

Why are billionaires jumping into Pre-IPOs?

The reason is simple. Even super-rich investors and CEOs have trouble getting allocated shares of an initial public offering.

Sure, they might be able to get 1,000 IPO shares when Airbnb goes public. Those shares might be worth $20,000 or $30,000. And for these billionaires – that’s a meaningless investment.

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Here’s a list of billionaires and their favorite Pre-IPOs:

  • Bill Gates:  Grail
  • Jeff Bezos:  Grail, Airbnb
  • Warren Buffett:  Snowflake
  • Marc Benioff:  Snowflake
  • Peter Thiel:  Palantir
  • Jack Ma:  Ant Group

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