Map Reveals Next Covid 19 Hotspots

A new map reveals dozens of coronavirus hotspots around the country.

One new technology is accurately predicting Covid-19 hotspots seven or more days before patients start showing up in the emergency room.

These new warnings may help hospitals prepare – until a vaccine is readily available.

Billionaires including Bill Gates are pumping millions into this biotech stock. And this tiny $5 stock could be on the verge of a major FDA approval.

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Kinsa is a San Francisco company that makes a smart thermometer. The company has sold over one million thermometers.

The firm aggregates the data from these thermometers to spot influenza trends in the country.

Every day, the company’s servers analyzes over 162,000 temperature readings from across the country. Now, the data is typically used to predict trends related to seasonal flu.

However, as coronavirus spreads across the county the same approach is being used to identify coronavirus hotspots. The company does this by comparing the current situation to the seasonally expected fevers from cold and flu.

What are the next coronavirus hotspots?

Everyone knows that the spread is rampant in the tri-state area of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. Yet beyond this . . .

Florida is #1.

“The level of illness we’re seeing in Florida is two times what we would have expected. That’s very high, and it appears that it continues to grow. So, presumably, that’s Covid 19,” says Kinsa founder and CEO Inder Singh.

Among coronavirus hotspots, this one is particularly concerning since Florida has an older population. Nearly 5% of the state’s population – or 916,000 people – are over the age of 80.

Early indications suggest that the fatality rate for people over 80 is 15%. And if one-half of Floridians are infected – that could translate into over 68,000 fatalities in the Sunshine State.

That’s why the FDA is “fast tracking” this coronavirus vaccine. Click here for details on the undiscovered $5 biotech stock.

Here is the map showing what’s happening around the country. The areas in darker orange and red indicate moderate to high levels of uncommon illness (including Covid-19).

Map Reveals Coronavirus Illness in America (click here)

coronavirus hotspots

It’s not just Florida . . .

Kinsa has identified other emerging coronavirus hotspots in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.

I’ll be monitoring this map daily for insights into the future spread of this virus.

The good news is that social distancing efforts may be slowing the spread of the virus. The rate of unusual fevers is now falling across the U.S.

The ultimate solution to this pandemic is a coronavirus vaccine.

That’s why the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just signed a $450 million contract. It provides funding for the creation of a new Covid-19 vaccine.

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