Dot-Com Bubble 2.0? – The TRUTH

Have you noticed how it all looks eerily similar to the 90s dot-com bubble?

Commodities ripping… energy stocks flying higher… tech stocks getting hammered…

Meanwhile, MACE stocks are in the perfect position to dominate in this environment.

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The truth is…

No two market environments are ever the same

But as Mark Twain said, “history often rhymes.” And stuff is rhyming A LOT with the late 90s.

For example, between the latter half of 2021 and now, we have:

  • Commodities and energy stocks soaring
  • The housing market booming
  • Tech stocks getting hammered
  • And Warren Buffet back on top

You’ve got of course many differences too.

Inflation wasn’t sky-high back then… interest rates were higher…

And there was also no pandemic, supply shortages, or the geopolitical landscape we have now.

But another important difference is that the tech sector wasn’t a big as it is today.

And with the Technology Select Sector EFT (NYSE: XLK)—which tracks the overall tech sector—posting a 11.65% LOSS so far this year…

It’s worth noting that smart investors are rushing to these MACE stocks…

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But what exactly are MACE stocks?

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They’re all tapping in industries that the Government is heavily invested in.

That’s why soon everyone could be talking about them, just like they talked about FAANG stocks after they shot up like a rocket in the last decade.

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I certainly will.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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