JP Morgan Issues Apple Car Alert

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JP Morgan just released a research note to clients . . .

Revealing details on a fully autonomous electric vehicle from Apple.

The “Apple Car” could be a game-changer for electric vehicles. And it could be a boom for a select group of EV suppliers of lidar and EV batteries.

One of these little-known stocks is going public in February.

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JP Morgan expects Apple will take a “go big or go home approach.”

That means the company would launch a fully autonomous EV from day one.

Apple is looking to expand into a new and large market.

The company has dominated smartphones with the iPhone and tablets with the iPad. However, the company’s dominance of those markets may limit future growth.

The total global automotive market is worth $2.55 trillion per year. That’s six times larger than the global smartphone market.

The company would likely take complete control designing the Apple Car. And Apple’s other services would likely be tightly integrated into the car.

Apple doesn’t plan to manufacture the car. Instead, manufacturing would be outsourced to a partner.

Apple is reportedly in negotiations with Hyundai to make the Apple Car at a factory in Georgia.

A beta version of the Apple Car could be released as soon as 2022.

Meanwhile, the official launch could happen in 2024 with 100,000 vehicles. The facility is expected to have capacity to produce 400,000 EVs per year.

This timeline is much more aggressive than previously rumored. It had been previously expected that Apple might launch a car toward the end of this decade.

Apple started working on project Titan in 2014. That’s the internal name for Apple’s EV car project.

The company has 5,000 employees working on the project. Titan is being led by Apple executive John Giannandrea – VP of artificial intelligence.

Apple may elect to source batteries from a supplier – such as this EV battery company.

Why? Because these EV batteries can be completely charged in just 15 minutes. Plus, they’re nonflammable and safer than current lithium ion batteries.

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