The Next SalesForce Pre-IPO for 620% Gains


SalesForce (NYSE: CRM) just scored another +$1 billion gain . . .

By purchasing Pre-IPO shares of Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW).

Shares of Snowflake have surged 126% since its September IPO. And that’s handed the company’s early investors, including SalesForce and Warren Buffett, huge gains.

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Usually it’s billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos . . .

And Silicon Valley venture capital firms that invest in private companies. They scoop up millions of shares of stock BEFORE these companies go public.

Yet large tech companies have more recently set up their own venture capital firms. And they’re using their connections and capital to seize huge stakes in high-growth startups.

$1.4 Billion in Snowflake

The latest example is Snowflake.

In February, Snowflake raised $479 million in financing. SalesForce participated in the financing and claimed a stake.

The firm then invested another $250 million in the IPO at $120 per share.

Fast-forward to today and Snowflake is trading at around $270 per share. And the company is valued at $75 billion.

SalesForce just disclosed that its stake is worth $1.4 billion. And it’s likely that the firm is banking a total profit in excess of $1 billion.

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620% Profits with Zoom

Last year, SalesForce bought Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) IPO shares at $36.

Shares of the video conferencing stock have been a top performer.

527% Gains with Zoom
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The total investment was $100 million.

By June, Zoom shares were trading above $250.  And SalesForce dumped 100% of its Zoom shares.

It’s unclear exactly when SalesForce sold its Zoom shares. Depending upon the timing, the total investment gain could have been between 216% and 620%.

This suggests that the profits from Zoom likely exceeded $300 million.

SalesForce is currently dumping stocks AFTER they go public in IPOs. And the company is instead investing millions in private companies BEFORE they go public.

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