Palantir IPO: Jim Cramer Says Buy at THIS Price

palantir IPO

It’s another big week for Initial Public Offerings . . .

With 13 private companies expected to go public.

Palantir (private) will be the week’s biggest deal at a $25 billion valuation.

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Palantir expects to start trading on Sept. 30.

This Silicon Valley software company uses big data to help law enforcement and the Department of Defense with counterterrorism. Plus, the company works with big banks to help stop financial fraud.

Palantir is growing rapidly. Revenue jumped 42% to exceed $1 billion this year. Meanwhile, the company expects to be cash-flow positive this year.

Palantir is backed by billionaire Peter Thiel. He co-founded PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) with Elon Musk. And then he earned over $1.1 billion by investing in Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) before it went public.

Thiel is the biggest Palantir shareholder and chairman of the board.

Palantir’s direct listing is being managed by Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

Last week, Palantir was expected to start trading at $10 per share. And that would give the company a $22 billion valuation. Yet over the weekend the price was increased.

My sources now report that the price of the Palantir IPO will be $11.50. That gives Palantir a valuation of $25.9 billion.

Palantir IPO: It’s Really a Direct Listing

Palantir will go public via an unusual direct listing. And that means there will be no new shares issued by the company. And therefore, there are no traditional Palantir IPO shares to be purchased.

That means even very wealthy investors CANNOT secure Palantir IPO shares at the $11.50 price. So, there are only two ways to buy Palantir shares:

  1. Wait for the stock to start trading – and likely pay a big premium
  2. Secure private Pre-IPO shares today (click here to see how).

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Shares Recommendation

Last week, Jim Cramer shared his views on Palantir.

The CNBC host says he likes Palantir stock at the direct listing price.

“If you can get Palantir for around $10, or ideally less on a pullback, you’ve got my blessing to buy it,” explained Cramer.

He explained that the valuation is high. Yet the company’s financial performance is improving in 2020. He said that the proposed valuation around $25 billion is reasonable.

Claim Your Palantir Pre-IPO Shares

It’s clear that there is NO way to buy Palantir IPO shares. And that means you’d have to wait for the stock to actually begin trading.

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