Solana Crypto IPOs Popping This Week – What’s Next

New cryptos based on the Solana blockchain are jumping this week…

Solana Crypto IPOs Popping This Week – What’s Next

With gains of 71% and 74% in just 3-days!

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Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) announced that it would begin trading two tokens that are based on the Solana ecosystem.

The two altcoins surged – with healthy gains in just 3-days…

  • 71% profits in Orca (ORCA)
  • 74% profits in Bonafida (FIDA)

Solana (SOL) is also soaring on the news. It’s up 20% in the last 48-hours.

Solana is an open sourced blockchain that can be used for DeFi and smart contracts. Developers can also create their own altcoins that are built on the Solana blockchain.

It’s a competitor to Ethereum. Solana offers faster and less costly transactions. And it’s even been called an “Ethereum killer.”

Listing on Coinbase means that 73 million clients can now trade these cryptos. That means listing on Coinbase is similar to having a stock “go public” on the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange.

Last week saw 5 cryptos jump after a major listing…

  • 52.2% profits in UNFI in less than 24-hours
  • 63.4% profits in MPL in 1 day
  • 71.2% profits in DIA in 1 day
  • 85% profits in CTX in 1 day
  • 289% profits in PLU in just 3-days

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The Next Solana IPOs

Previously, Coinbase only allowed trading of layer 1 coins and coins that are built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

There are currently 147 tokens based upon the Solana blockchain. And that means Coinbase could soon start listing these cryptos.

You could see quick gains of 74%… 85%… or even 289% in a few short days!

When a new digital currency starts trading – individual investors and institutional investors instantly get access. And many people will rush onto the platform to buy the latest altcoin.

That’s why it’s critical to buy up and coming cryptos BEFORE they go mainstream.

These are called Crypto Moonshots – because the gains can be so huge.

These cryptos can see a huge pop during the week that they start trading. However, the biggest gains often happen in the weeks leading up to a listing.

That’s why Crypto Moonshots soared in 2021…

  • 9,412% with Solana
  • 12,858 with Polygon
  • 16,393% with Fantom

So, what will be the next big winner?

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