Why the Dow Is Surging +1,300 Points

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Stocks are surging in Tuesday morning trading.

U.S. stocks saw 5% – 6% gains – following the lead of markets in Asia and Europe.

Today, investors are upbeat regarding the Federal Reserve’s decision to do anything and everything to support the financial markets. Plus, there’s optimism that Congress will finally pass a $1 trillion – $2 trillion stimulus bill.

President Trump says next week he may decide to scale back social distancing guidelines.

Trump is anxious to get the U.S. economy up and running again. He’s concerned that an extended recession could create problems for his reelection in November.

The U.S. stock market has already erased 100% of the gains since his election in November 2016. And that’s already making Americans feel much poorer and uncertain about the future.

Frankly, we’ve never seen a market crash so quickly. And the daily point gains are for the record books.

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The Big News…

Nancy Pelosi Introducing $2.5 Trillion Stimulus

With the U.S. Senate struggling to pass legislation, Nancy Pelosi is entering the ring. The House Speaker is unveiling a new $2.5 trillion package. It includes $1,500 – $7,500 in cash for families, expanded paid family and medical leave, $500 billion in grants and loans to small businesses, plus a variety of other initiatives.

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U.S. Senate Fails to Pass Stimulus Bill (Again)

On Monday, the U.S. Senate tried again to pass a +$1 trillion stimulus bill. The legislation failed to gain enough votes – the second defeat in two days. Democrats object to $500 billion that will be set aside to bail out troubled businesses.

Health Tip: Clean Groceries and Packages with Disinfectant

Health experts are now suggesting that you clean any packages or groceries before bringing them into your house. A new study shows that the virus can last on cardboard for 24 hours. And it can survive for up to 72 hours on steel or plastic.

80% of New Yorkers Could Get Coronavirus, Says Governor

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says 80% of New Yorkers could get coronavirus. And he says even today there are tens of thousands of people who are infected – and don’t know it.

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Bernie Sanders: Send $2,000 Per Month to Americans

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the federal government needs to step up. And he’s pushing for $2,000 per month for every American household. He also wants a moratorium on evictions, more extensive unemployment insurance and a waiver on student loan payments.

Tokyo Summer Olympic Games Postponed

There has been mounting pressure from numerous countries to postpone the Olympic Games. Today, the International Olympic Committee and Japan agreed to delay the world’s largest sporting event. The games will instead take place in the summer of 2021. The Olympics had not been postponed since World War II.

The Coronavirus Numbers

Here are the numbers from Tuesday morning at 10:15 ET.

  • 395,753 Infected worldwide
  • 17,235 Deaths
  • 46,168 Infected in the U.S.
  • 582 Deaths in the U.S.

What’s Next

Today we’re watching Congress to see if members can pass a stimulus bill.

The stock market is counting on a big $1 trillion – $2 trillion bailout.

The bill would send $1,200 to every American adult (with certain income restrictions) plus $500 for every child. The bill includes funding for small businesses and a bailout for the travel sector.

Containing the spread of the virus is crucial – if America wants to get back to business. And the U.S. stock market won’t hit rock bottom until the huge growth of cases starts slowing down.

My view is that we’re several weeks away from that happening. And so “buying the dip” today would be too early and a risky move.

It’s great to see the Fed pulling out all the stops. And $2 trillion from Congress will certainly help provide support in the near-term . . . although it still is probably not enough.

Ultimately, we need a Covid-19 vaccine to stop the virus and get the world back to “business as usual.”

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