Trump Rejects $3 Trillion Pelosi Stimulus Bill

$3 trillion! That’s the latest stimulus bill from House Democrats.

Yet Trump is 100% certain to REJECT the stimulus bill plan.

Why? Because the stimulus bill includes $0 for infrastructure projects including America’s hyper-fast 5G.

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House leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi unveiled the Heroes Act on Capitol Hill. If it was passed, it would be the biggest stimulus bill in the history of the United States.

The $3 trillion stimulus bill includes:

  • $1 trillion for state and local governments
  • $200 billion for essential worker hazard pay
  • $75 billion for Covid-19 testing

Plus, Americans could expect $6,000 in cash payments per household. This would be the second one-time payment to Americans.

The House is expected to vote on the stimulus bill on Friday.

Even if the House passes the bill, it faces an uphill battle in the Senate. Passing the Senate would require several votes that break party lines.

The stimulus bill is “dead on arrival,” explained Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Republicans on Capitol Hill have been exploring their own stimulus bill. Right now, they want to see the impact of the existing $2.9 trillion stimulus before agreeing to more funding.

Additionally, Republicans appear more interested in an infrastructure bill.

President Trump already lobbied for a major Phase #4 stimulus to rebuild America. The bill would focus on infrastructure including roads, water systems and 5G high-speed wireless.

Trump would rather jumpstart the economy with new jobs rather than giving handouts to regular Americans.

stimulus bill

5G wireless is a top priority for the president.

That’s why he signed these two 5G security bills into law in late March.

The president wants America to build the biggest and fastest wireless network.

Trump is taking huge steps to lock China out of the $100 billion 5G buildout. And he’s even lobbying other presidents and prime ministers around the world to BLOCK China.

The bottom line is that 5G is going nationwide in 2020.

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