Top CEOs Are SCARED About This

Top CEOs have three big worries right now:

Finding qualified workers… slow vaccine uptake… and possible higher corporate taxes.

The latter being a major incentive for them to send these undiscovered, massive payouts to investors in the know.

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The Business Roundtable is a large and powerful group of CEOs.

And last Tuesday, they said the Democrats’ proposed corporate tax hike is one of the greatest threats to companies’ investment, hiring and growth plans.

It “would be one of the largest corporate tax increases in history” – said the CEO.

But did you know it could also ignite one of the largest Supercharged Payouts ever?

That’s because the proposed tax changes are VERY STRONG incentives for America’s cash-rich companies to take action and distribute billions in cash before 2022…

Not only to their executives and other stakeholders…

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Because while this tax increase may appear to have limited impact on your portfolio…

You can actually tag along and ride the coattails of the executives who expect to collect millions in cash before 2022.

Sure, we regular folks won’t be earning millions… but consider this:

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