Top 3 IPO Winners in December

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You’re probably thinking that Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) and DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) are the top IPOs.

These stocks have certainly captured the headlines . . .

Yet three less well-known initial public offerings quietly jumped 162% . . .  257% . . .  and even 377% in December.

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So, what are the top IPOs in December?

IPO #3: (NYSE: AI) is an enterprise artificial intelligence software provider. The company offers tech solutions that can easily be deployed to cloud computing platforms.

This IPO raised $651 million from investors. And the IPO price valued the company at $5.5 billion.

Shares of AI jumped 162% following its Dec. 9 IPO.


Seer is a healthcare company that creates products for biomedical research. The company was founded by a Harvard professor who has founded other biotech companies.

The IPO raised $175 million for Seer at a $1.3 billion market value.

Shares of SEER jumped 197% in the first day of trading. Shares have continued to climb and now trade 257% above the $19 IPO price.

IPO #1: Wunong Net Technology (NASDAQ: WNW)

Wunong is an online food retailer in China that’s expanding into the restaurant business. The company is essentially in startup mode – generating just $8 million in sales last year. However, that was an impressive 613% increase from 2018.

The company went public with a valuation of just $125 million. And the IPO raised $30 million in capital for the growing business.

Shares of Wunong soared when the company launched its IPO on Dec. 15. The IPO price was just $5. Shares jumped 141% on the first day of trading and are now up 478%, making it one of the top IPOs for the month.

The FINAL IPO for 2020: The Next EV Battery Stock

With the holidays approaching – the market for initial public offerings is slowing down.

However, one final company plans to go public before 2021.

It’s a little-known electric vehicle battery company. Unlike Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) or Nio (NYSE: NIO), this company doesn’t make cars. Instead, it makes batteries and software for electric vehicles.

Here’s why I’m excited about the stock:

  • Partnership with a top auto supplier with +$10 billion in sales
  • New contract to supply over $210 million of batteries for commercial vehicles
  • Negotiating contracts worth over $2.4 billion

The company is making next-generation lithium-ion batteries. And they could be used by automakers around the world . . . and also used to power buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

A former top battery engineer at Tesla and SpaceX is leading the product development. Plus, a team of 50+ engineers aim to create the best EV battery ever.

Wall Street is now lining up to invest $370 million in a Pre-IPO financing.

This EV company plans its IPO before Dec. 31.

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